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Back to Nature

Although I admit to being a big fan of city centre rhythms, one of the best things about moving to Chorlton is definitely its proximity to some truly tranquil “Urban countryside”. A very short walk from our front door and, passing through the amazingly cute little conservation village of Chorltonville towards Chorlton Eees Nature Reserve and the Mersey Valley, here is what you can find:

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Woodland, meadows, grassland, a mosaic of meandering pathways and a variety of birds, fish and flowers…Chorlton Brook calmly flows by on its way upstream into the Mersey. A proper trip to Chorlton Water Park (which was a farm and water meadows until the 1950s) is definitely in order at some point. In the sunshine, it seems almost like another world: not a football fan in sight, yet still the police are on horseback…

Easter Sunshine

Is there anything as lovely as being woken by birdsong? Lying in bed this morning, a dense, complicated pattern of chirps, warbles and tweets filled the already warm air in a way that made me think of a rainforest or a jungle. It’s 19°C here today and absolutely beautiful. Wandering outside in summer clothes, or sitting indoors with the windows wide open, it feels like being abroad. I want to sit in an outdoor cafe drinking ice-cold beer, eating ice-cream, and looking over some unfamiliar map. Why am I sitting at a computer?

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All Saints Park is a haven for students now on holiday. Here are a few photographs from yesterday, including one of some colourful papier mâché easter eggs hanging in the trees.